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SAFETY ALERT - Lifejacket Snap Hooks

U.S. Coast Guard Approved
Life Preservers and Work Vests

Type I, for all vessels and motor boats

Model #601 and #603

Model #601 Adult
U.S.C.G. App. #160.055/115/0
Model #603 Child
U.S.C.G. App. #160.055/116/0

Completely puncture-proof 100% closed-cell construction

Stainless steel or government bronze hardware throughout. Dons easily with less confusion that other type life preservers. Slide-thru belt is in ready at all times. Completely reversible (front to back). Flat surface design requires less stowage space-less tangle.

New resilient CJ-16 Foam resists fuel, acid, fungus and is absolutely puncture-proof!


United States Coast Guard Approved Life Preservers!

Donning Instruction Placards

Post in highly visible areas to insure fast, correct correct preserver donning.

To order: Add the letter "X" after the lie preserver model number, i.e. #SO-I-X, #601-X, etc. 6 per pack, ship wt. 1 lb.

Retroreflective Tape

Retroreflective tape is required for most commercial vessels.

To order: Add the letter "T" to the model number, i.e. # 601-T.