Jim-Buoy Marine Products



Man Overboard Poles and Mounts

The STRADDLER! Jim Buoy major new advancement in man overboard float design assuring the most secure mounting and fastest release. Model #924 and the model #924-10 are now made with a unique urethane filled molded float, which straddles the backstay and provides the most dependable positioning method yet devised. Utilizing two stainless steel clamping devices (model #1124-X or #1124-Y), which attach to the backstay, the Straddler is instantly ready for use by merely pulling a single key-pin release.

Model #924, 14ft. Model #924-10 10ft.

Model #950- 10ft. pole designed for tube storage.

Overboard Poles
Model #950-Flag and pole, 1 per ctn., easy UPS. Ship. wt. 10 lbs.
Model #924-Straddler, flag and pole, 1 per ctn., 3-piece. Ship. Wt. 12 lbs.
Model #924-10-Straddler, flag and pole, 1 per ctn., 2-piece. Ship. Wt. 10 lbs

Man Overboard Pole Mounts

Models #904, #905 Semi-Automatic - Features stainless steel hardware, P.V.C. plastic and vinyl coated nylon components. The combination of this Pole Mount and Horseshoe Rack (shown below) fulfill the need for a simple, fast and effective floatation-position indicator for the rescue vessel.

Easy to use - Remove "Pull To Release" pin and pole is immediately free-standing, (pole lanyard should be attached to horseshoe buoy and carefully arranged for non-fouling). Adjust slide on webbing strap to prevent accidental release.

#904-Use with #900, 6 per ctn., ship. Wt. 16 lbs.
#905-Use with #950, 6 per ctn., ship. Wt. 16 lbs.

#1124 Series for Straddler only, [see sketch at right] - Attractive skin packaged card includes stainless steel clamps, vinyl coated nylon sleeve for flag and PVC plastic base. Fits #924 and #924-10 models only

#1124-Y-Fits 5/32" to 1/4" dia. backstay.
#1124-X-Fits 5/16" to 3/8" dia. backstay.
Packed 6 per ctn., ship. Wt. 7 lbs

Semiautomatic Horseshoe Rack

100% Stainless Steel-An extremely safe and basically simple design that eliminates the chance of malfunction-where a more costly, elaborate ejection system could become a
future liability, this Jim Buoy rack will provide years of reliable service

To use-Merely pull the pin marked "Pull To Release" and the buoy is free standing, to
be pulled into the water by the man overboard pole

.Horseshoe Rack

Model #1021, Horseshoe-ship. Wt. 15 lbs.
Model #1041, Pony-Ship. Wt. 15 lbs. 6 per ctn., may be packed with buoys for shipment.

To mount rack: Secure to outboard side of life line
stanchion with release pin above top of stanchion.


The STRADDLER - Most secure mounting with fastest release!

Top Clamp holds float snugly to backstay.

Unique Straddler groove keeps pole in place when not in use.

Straddler is instantly ready when single pin is removed.