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Jim Buoy's Man Overboard Light

Model 1820

Model #1820

Automatic water light

  • Toughest construction yet relatively small and lightweight.

  • Made from injection molded plastic that is almost indestructible.

  • Merely pick it up and point, it starts automatically.

  • When thrown overboard, the light automatically commences to flash a bright flashing strobe light visible for miles.

  • Not only a great aid for the searcher, but aids the person overboard to find a life ring or horseshoe buoy.

  • Features the most solid state circuitry available today to provide years of reliable service.

  • Extensively tested to withstand 90 ft. drops into the ocean.

  • Uses 4 alkaline "D" cell batteries available everywhere (batteries not included).

  • Boxed individually in a 6 pack master carton, shipping weight: 13 lb.

Model 1821

Model #1821

Stainless steel rack

  • Stainless steel mounting rack pictured with #1820 light.

  • Ideal for handy light storage at a minimal cost.

  • When ordered with light, packed together or sold as separate unit, 6 per carton, shipping weight: 6 lbs.


Meets SOLAS 74/83 requirements

U.S.C.G. Approval # 161.010/12/2 & #161.110/12/0

Automatic flashing strobe light