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Anchor Marker/Mast Buoys and Pick-up Buoys

Pick Up Buoy Model #1203

Pick Up Buoys

Features polypropylene rope through solid foam float. with assorted band colors. Hot-dipped galvanized thimble.

Model #1203, 6 per carton, Shipping wt. 3 lbs.

Trip-Line Anchor Marker

Model 1204
Poly Bagged
Packed 6 per carton
Trip Line and Anchor Marker Buoy

Wherever anchors are used this buoy is required gear. As the anchor is dropped, the tripline Anchor Buoy with it’s 100ft. line goes with it One end of the buoy line is attached to the trip shackle of the anchor; the buoy rises to the surface, unwinding as it rises. At the surface it is tied off in the cleat that is built into the buoy marking the anchor spot and ready to trip the anchor when needed.

The buoy is manufactured of the toughest resilient foam available, bright orange in color complete with 100 ft. of black weather-resistant line of 800 lbs. breaking strength.



Mast Buoys
(Tall Buoys)

New Deluxe Model Now Available!

Pick Up Buoys!

Trip-Line Anchor Marker!