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Safety Harnesses


Tran-Pac Captain's Harness

Model No. 822

Brilliant yellow polypropylene webbing. Wide 2 1/2" main belt with 1" leg straps easily removed when not required. Tested to our max, 1100 lbs., actually will test to much higher strength! All hardware stainless steel throughout, completely non-magnetic. Complete with 10' lanyard with 2 snaps for on-deck movement.

Model #822-12 per ctn., wt. 17 lbs.

Child Size to 10 Years

Model No. 722

Complete safety for children up to 10 years of age. Light weight comfort. All hardware stainless steel or bronze. Straps are extra long to fit all sizes - cut off excess length and seal ends with glue or heat to prevent fraying.

Designed to secure child from front and keep head upright. Must be worn with main belt high under armpits. Complete with lanyard and snap.

Model #722, 12 per ctn., Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.

Economy Crew Model

Model No. 922

WIDE, WIDE, FULL 2-1/2" MAIN BELT - just right firmness - with comfort. Light weight, no heavy hardware on chest. Smooth flat stainless steel D-Rings and Slides are minimum weight. Fits all - 100% adjustment, easily centered chest straps - no off-shoulder problems. Complete with Braided Nylon Lanyard and heavy carabiner snap. All components seven times required safety factor. All hardware is completely non-magnetic.

Model #922-12 per ctn., shpg. wt. 15 lbs
Harness Package

All harnesses individually boxed suitable for display.


All Harnesses Individually Boxed for Suitable Display.

Complies with ORC Specifications.

All Harnesses Equipped with Carabiner Snaps.