Jim-Buoy Marine Products



Life Ring Cabinets

Models #5050 and 5070

Available for: 24" and now 30" diameters.

Totally encloses a 24" or 30" life ring including a 60 ft. life line and lemon foot anchor. Unbreakable polycarbonate window with stainless steel hinge and fittings.

Model #5050 (above) - Cabinet only, fits 24" buoy, 1 per pack, ship. wt. 8 lbs. Cabinet size 27" diam. x 5" deep.
Model #5070 (above) - Cabinet only fits 30" buoy, 1 per pack, ship. Wt. 14 lbs. Cabinet size 34" diam. x 6" deep.

Models #5050A and 5070A

Safety Station - Life Ring Cabinet and Ring Buoy Combination for 24" and 30" Buoys.

Includes cabinet above with Jim Buoy GW-24" or GW-30" life ring, 60 ft. heavy line and lemon foot anchor, all mounted inside cabinet and shipped as a single unit.

Model #5050A (right) - 1 set per pack, 24" size, ship wt. 15 lbs.
Model #5070A (right) - 1 set per pack, 30" size, ship wt. 25 lbs.


Provides years of retained-new condition n a beautiful white, plastic cabinet!